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You have found MyTurf's user login page, Please login or register for an account and join us for one of the most interesting on-line advertising and revenue generating opportunities ever. We've created a special place for Advertisers,Publishers and Internet Providers to easily use and profit from using MyTurf's AdValue Technology Platform.

Whether you're a local small business wanting to reach just your "Turf", or a national advertiser interested in reaching hyper local communities, MyTurf is for you!

MyTurf partners with Web-Publishers, Ad-Networks and Internet Providers that want to make additional upside advertising revenue from their networks or publications. On-line advertisers know the value of advertising directly at the point of sale. That's exactly why MyTurf's technology delivers ads directly to buildings, event centers, hotels, retail parks, Municipalities, neighborhoods and more. The AdValue Platform has the ability to deliver different types of smart advertising to specific demographics directly on the TURF controlled by our Internet Providing Partners. Only MyTurf can provide such fine grain ad targeting so advertisers can effectively reach specific local audiences.


For Advertisers Simply create an account, follow our easy web tutorials, create your ad campaign in just minutes, purchase the ad package that fits your budget and then go! For Internet providers, Network operators or Property owners that supply Internet services, MyTurf provides a simple installation wizard to enable Ad Control for your networks giving your users the best quality of service while making you money! For Web-Publishers you now have the ability to localize not only your content but the ads as well. In Fact, by localizing your advertising to a specific demographic your sites will become extremely relevant to users and more valuable to your advertisers. With MyTurf, Publishers enjoy the benefit of direct ad pricing without the hassles of direct ad selling.

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